Senior Seminar

Senior Seminar

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Stump Blowers

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Man Child

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A motion graphic reel of my work over the past year or so. This is a great chance to go over my work, really embracing what my style of art can be. Instead of searching and searching through all that I’ve done. Over time this will most likely be redone as the creative process generates more and more work to showcase.

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The Search

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In The End We Will All Be Trees

In The End We All Will Be Trees

By: Jessica Earle


With all of the technology today we like to think that we are moving forward. In reality most of the time we are at a stand still and being motionless in our current use of our devices. In the end or now we act like trees just standing around and not doing much. This seems to be one of the ideas that Jessica is trying to say about her work across the multiple galleries over at Alfred University. Showing off her work from the 29th of April until May 3rd.


Most of Jessica’s work integrates this feeling of being outside, while using large parts of technology as a main part of the set. She’’s create picnic like scenes or make a park like setting. The use of green and flora colors accentuates this idea she’s going for. Then heavily uses TV’s or other media sources to play nature scenes on the screens themselves. On on hand further puts a nature scene in your own head. But at the same time makes you question how you integrate technology and nature in your own world.  


Then there is this one work from Jessica that tends to stand out from some of the other pieces she’s created. This was inside the immersive room and she made it very immersive. Heavily surrounded you with various ocean and nature scenes. Both the audio and visuals almost became overwhelming at some points. But the minute you step out you are caught off guard and begin to question how you interact with your surroundings.

Overall Jessica does a great way to compel her message to gallery goers. Which is one thing that even myself can struggle to do from time to time. When you see work similar to Jessica’s you question what would you have done. The one thing I think I need to work on is not just creating interesting art or motion graphics. But to really think how is it going to be seen to other people, how would a normal person walking by think. Which is a good lesson to take from this is to think of the overall picture and not focus on what is in front of you.

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Phrenology Draft


Phrenology is the pseudoscience of the brain. If you run your hands across your head, by feeling each and every bump you could determine a person’s mental status. This is what those who followed the science believed this.

With a little addition of motion graphics this out dated science can come to life. Even outdated it still has provided some key ideas that have lead to later brain analysis sciences. The video informs about an idea we once believed in.

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